Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Urfa, Copper, Baklava...Adventure

48 hours in southeastern Turkey...After driving 7 hours southeast Murat and I arrived in Urfa (Sanliurfa), a town which is situated on a plain under big open skies, about eighty kilometers east of the Euphrates River. I wanted to come back here for the copper market where you can find craftsmen working like they did thousands of years ago. I love the travel and hunting (shopping) I do and I am always on the look out for my next best meal or food discovery, and this region delivers. It is a crossroads of Syrian, Kurdish and Turkish cultures. Anywhere else in Turkey the cooks might use 4 spices in a dish. Here, they use 15, the results being often spicy and mouthwatering.  Pistachios are a staple and the baklava is as good as it gets!

After hours of shopping we headed back to Goreme with a trunk filled with copper and a few kilos of baklava...

a shot while leaving Goreme for Urfa...çok güzel(very beautiful in Turkish)

hand made and carved, this is before they have tinned it.

copper dealer who remembered my last visit with my daughter...

proof of life!

Murat mesmermized by the goat skin drum he purchased

beautiful spoons...

Pigeon breeders
Baklava from Dilim Pastanesi in Sanliurfa

the road back to Kapadokya throught the Takir Valley...the Toros mountains in view
On the way back from Urfa Murat mentioned that his grandfather and great grandfather used to travel this route on donkeys to trade in this region.  I closed my eyes and tried to imagine.

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