Monday, October 10, 2011

Travel Disaster Averted!

Having my own business has apparently made me quite the space cadet.  I was all ready to go on my buying trip to Turkey & India this Tuesday...when my lovely friend in Delhi I was to stay with and shop with was checking in to confirm... Now, I have traveled a lot, so I knew what the weather was going to be, the holidays, when and where the craft markets were, how much cash to bring, passport, etc etc. but... somehow the Visa to make entry to this beautiful country skipped my mind.  24 hour rush you are thinking?  Alas, we celebrate Columbus day. I don't even know what this holiday is? In my defense many of the countries I go to have Visa upon arrival!

Instead of this being a disaster.  It has turned into an amazing circle of events. My friend Ann(in India) decided to go to the markets with her camera and all morning it was like I was buying stocks. She was snapping photo's(while I was unpacking all of the summer clothes I had packed for India) sending them from her phone to mine giving me quantities then waiting for me to confirm. It was a fast paced and exciting... 4 hours and heck I wasn't exhausted at all...Below are some of the yes's.

Beautiful throws and scarves from a once a year craft fair in Delhi, most of the these come from a town near the Pakistan border filled with fantastic weavers... Bhuj, Gujarat...I can't wait until they arrive.
These adorable birds were a yes, unfortunately, all but these few were gone!

Me my last trip to Goreme in Kapadokya...

I have emailed friends in Turkey and planned for an extra week in Kapadokya, re-packed my suitcase with with cool weather clothes and heading to one of my favorite places on earth... fall, mountains rural, relaxing and LOTS of textiles and vintage copper. I will now be able to spend more time in places other than Istanbul,Turkey scouting out carpets, copper, and more Turkish delights with old (and hopefully new) friends.

Disaster averted!

If I've learned anything from my travels it's that flexibility often leads you down those narrow, untraveled paths to friends and finds. 

Tesekkurler ve Gurusuruz!


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