Monday, August 29, 2011

Remembering My Father A Renaissance Man

My dad would be 88 today I think. We always got his birthday mixed up it was either august 29th or 30th. He died suddenly 6 years ago. He is missed everyday. Recently while visiting my mom in Carlsbad I had a chance to look at a collage my brothers and I made with our kids for his 80 birthday. We each brought our stash of pictures we had been snitching from my parents for years. We were holed up in our condo in Park City Utah for hours deciding which pictures to use making sure all stages of Dad's life were represented while we argued, laughed and remembered.
My Family through 5 generations

My Dad with his brothers

my parents

Mae & Marv...the handsome couple...look at me in my Dynasty gown for my senior or junior prom that my mother had made for me while living in Hong Kong. Dad looking like Man From Uncle and Mom like she was guest starring on Dynasty

Like so many treasures this is priceless...

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Images of NYC Summer 2011

Art, nature, commerce, family and food. Just back from an action packed week in NYC.

Lights out at the Chelsea hotel... the end of an era?

Poking around the book deals at the irresistable Strand

NY International gift show...exhausted and shopped out, I had my own tacky booth contest. The winner...

I stay in Brooklyn with Ryan and James who have a special place. Veggies from their generous garden

Me, snipping greens for dinner

My daughter...I just realized we look like we have matching outfits.

more garden delights

amazing dessert, brava ryan and martha stewart

Brooklyn Museum's fantastic show! 
Every trip from India I come home with a little collection, not museum quality, but a wonderfully affordable selection. There are still some miniatures, embellished god & goddess prints and my favorite folk art paintings from Bihar.

What a nice week.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Summer Flown By!

Yikes it has been a busy summer. Loads of new goodies on the website. An upcoming trunk show in Montauk at Cynthia Rowley next week.  A fall wedding for my son. A fall buying trip to India and Turkey. Pulled in so many directions I feel like gumby...I thought summer was a time for sun and fun...................Here's a view of a colorful late summer shoot...
Oh the vino...More new drink ware musts!
This beautiful Granada tray holds lovely horn ginko leaf servers, Turkish bowls and bone fish African horn spoons.
It’s Allan Winkler’s planet, and the rest of us are just living on it.
Muy Macho bottle opener!
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