Thursday, December 30, 2010


As I prepare for my next journey, I am trying to move through some of my fav's. 

So... as I make some of my treasures available for less to you, you must run: this sale will last until January 3rd only. New additions daily. Lot's of things from S.E Asia, where I will be shopping, replenishing and looking for new + exciting additions.

Taken in Pamplona, Spain on a trip long ago at the running of the bulls(I am above, taking the picture!)
I would love to receive your comments + suggestions on things you would like to see me shop for. I will be shopping until early February.

Thank you for all of your support in 2010 + have a safe and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Preparing for the Hunt-First Stop Thailand

The holidays bring as much stress as they do joy. Each day as a business owner I am filled with fear! Fear of not selling enough, fear of selling too much, fear of no one showing up to a trunk show. Am I blogging enough? Too much? Have I overused Facebook?  Fear can be crippling and I lean on the side of drama.

Instead of allowing myself to drown in these all too real scenarios.....I begin flipping through photographs of places I have traveled and called on the memories of the personal bonds I have made while abroad. I realize that my next journey is around the corner and voila, the fear subsides and instead is replaced by textures, sounds, smells and the realization that the adventure will soon begin again. I do this so I can feed my addiction for street food, fresh exotic fruits, vintage textiles, beaches, antiques and shopping to create and sustain bonds with both my suppliers and customers!

I can feel the stress melting away. Near Phuket, Thailand

The inside of a Durian. A stinky, creamy fruit found in SE Asia.
Best described as having a succulent, creamy filling but smelling like stinky socks, ahh Durian
Rambutan, native to Indonesia, Thailand + the Philippines

Burmese Puppets Heads from a favorite spot in Chiang Mai
(Photo's from Roni + Ryan)

Be sure to check out my website for new items. Happy Holidays!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Turquoise is the birthstone for December. Europeans give turquoise jewelry as keepsakes or as a pledge of adoration. In The Merchant of Venice, Shakespeare uses this symbolism when Leah gives a turquoise ring to Shylock to win his favor. 

Turquoise is a cool color. It tends to have a calming effect.  At one end of the spectrum there are cold, impersonal, antiseptic colors. At the other end the cool colors are comforting and nurturing ones like the blue/ green in Turquoise.  In nature blue is water and green is plant life - a natural, life-sustaining duo. 

I love wearing Turquoise and whenever I can I try to incorporate it into the jewelry designed for The Loaded Trunk. Here are a few one-of-a-kind pieces for you December babes to adorn your body or your table.

These brilliant bangles from India are embellished with rhinestones and are hand-painted, giving a 3 dimensional Wow look.

The word Milagro mean miracle.  These small charms, often depicting arms, legs, praying people etc. are often carried for protection and good luck!
Jade stone Chinese pendant stamp is anchored by turquoise beads and asymmetrical graphite beads.
This earthy Turquoise bracelet is reconstructed using beads from around the globe and gives a nod to nature & natural elements.
A timeless Buddhist Amulet comes to life amidst lovely turquoise and hand tooled gold wrapped Uzbek beads.
These beautiful platters come from various artists in Turkey and are all hand made. I use them to serve in but they are delicate and need to be hand washed gently. They are beautiful pieces of art and each platter can be hung. (Photo's by The Loaded Trunk)