Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Style to Spare

The Loaded Trunk / photography by Sharon Gottula
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With the kids definitely off for college by now, that may mean a spare room in the house....for a little while at least. It's so easy to let that extra space become a cluttered storage area, isn't it? Instead of shutting the door to the madness and ignoring it, this could be the chance to turn that room into a colorful retreat! Here are some of my favorite things to do when I am rearranging the (rare) empty spaces in my own home:

via Bold, Bright & Beautiful
1. Fill a wall with books. The best and easiest way to escape is through the pages of book. No matter how many pretty pictures you can see on the internet, nothing transports you into other worlds, cultures, stories and lives like books can. Mix it up with travel magazines and photo albums too. Guests will love peeking through all of these.

The Loaded Trunk / photography by Sharon Gottula
2. Pile on the color, pattern and texture. If the rest of your home is a different style, who cares? Make this room fun to be in. Hang a beautiful rug on the wall. Layer them under foot. Surround yourself with an avalanche of pillows. Make sure there are plenty of warm throws to snuggle under. No matter what you pick, it will be perfect and cosy.

3. Add a comfy chair or couch. Because you can't be laying around in bed all day. Well, you can, but a couch gives you an alternative lounging option. :)

Elle Decor
4. Show off your collections. Sometimes all the pieces you've been picking up need a dedicated space. Grouping them makes a bold and interesting statement.

5. Try a low bed. In a lot of cultures, sleeping on or low to the ground is the norm. Give it a go, it might give you a whole new perspective to relaxing.

Have fun redecorating your spare room and good luck on keeping it all to yourself!

Friday, September 6, 2013

Get That Art Up

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One of the drawbacks to getting affordable, unframed prints is figuring out to display them. Professional framing can cost an arm and a leg, especially if you have a large piece. That's when you see beautiful pieces collecting dust and often times, stored away and then forgotten. But don't let a little framing challenge stop you. If you think creatively, there are lots of way to display art. This week I'm sharing just how to do that featuring some high-quality reproductions from The Loaded Trunk that are collectible, unique and best of all, affordable.

/1/ Wood Pant Hanger 
Wood pant hangers hold the top edges of the print flat without damaging it. Either hang directly onto a simple nail or tie a ribbon or some fishing line to the hanger and secure to the molding on your ceiling. They can easily be found on-line or in your local antique store.

Etsy is a good place to find vintage hangers on-line, but don't forget to check your local antique store as well. » Set of 9 Vintage Pant Hangers, Etsy

/2/ Simple Black Frames
Most of these prints employ black as a major color element, either dominating the piece or defining certain parts of the design. Black frames pull the color out and when grouped, create a cohesive collection. » Set of 4 Gallery Style Frames, West Elm

/3/ Vintage (or New) Wood Clothes Pins
Tie invisible fishing line to wood clothes pins. Clip them on to your print, add a couple of nails and voila, your print is up on the wall. Vintage ones are especially nice because they have such a great patina. » Set of 10 Vintage Clothes Pins, Etsy

/4/ Rustic Wood Frames
Even though these posters have a very modern, graphic quality, rustic wood frames add an element of warmth to the pieces. Don't be afraid to trim the posters slightly.
» Rustic Barnwood Frame, Etsy // » Shutter Frame, World Market

The role of the poster has been historically connected with nationalistic struggle and plays an important role in provoking political action. Our collection of Vietnam War era propaganda posters continue their role as provocative conversation pieces in addition to be graphically stunning. The Loaded Trunk's Vietnamese Propaganda Prints are printed on rice paper and measure approximately 12" x 15" unframed. $39 each. Click here to see entire collection.