Tuesday, July 27, 2010

First Year Closes and a New One Begins

Pillows, Pillows, Pillows!  Thanks to all for commenting on the last giveaway.  Congrats to Karena!  So many lovely choices..
Photos from the loaded trunk
With exhilaration and excitement I begin my 2nd year of business at the loaded trunk.  For the final giveaway I am choosing from a group of pieces that come from one of my first trips.  They embody the nature and reason that I started this venture: the sheer adventure and pleasure I get hunting, gathering and spending time haggling with and meeting the people of countries I go to.  

These pieces are from South Eastern Turkey near the border of Syria.  A beautiful and magical place called Gaziantep. It is known for a few of the world's favorite things: pistachios, peppers, and tinned copper. My daughter and I spent days visiting and getting to know many merchants before they would even bring up the subject of selling to us and then we spent days of negotiating over these rare objects.  During this process we were constantly reminded  it was all about the relationship.  Luckily Ryan, my daughter speaks Turkish, so it did make things a bit easier and ultimately a bargain was made and these pieces became some of the 1st put in the loaded trunk. 

These copper pieces come in all sizes, designs, and shapes. With their various states of age and handling, each piece has as much personality as the people of Turkey. So the winner may choose one from the pieces below and through them feel a bit of the travel bug I feel each time I touch them.

Just remember when you leave a comment leave your contact information in order to be considered.
old-world relics meet modern entertaining in these pitchers.

Add significance to your daily rituals with these unusual hand-made pots: Flatter company with the “good” teapot
Turkish tinned copper teapot
 iyi sanslar (good luck!)

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Folk Art Market Wrap Up, Farewell Friend and Hello Rue Magazine

It seems as if an age has past since I last wrote anything.  It's a funny thing once you start blogging, (at least for me), I can't keep up with all of the creativity and things to write about.  I am going to go backwards and update you via Charlene Cerny, the executive director of the Folk Art Museum in Santa Fe .  In her words below is a brief wrap up! To see the full article head to their blog.
Photo by Roni Jaco

Wow! There is so much to say and to tell you now that the 2010 Market is over, but I thought I should at least share some highlights with you.

This year’s Market saw some wonderful new developments and great success “by the numbers” (these are preliminary figures and subject to change):
  • Collectively, artist sales totaled over $2 million, a 7% increase over last year
  • Attendance is estimated at nearly 25,000, a increase of 6.1%
  • This year, for the first time, we inaugurated “International Folk Arts Week” in collaboration with the Museum of International Folk Art and many businesses around town.
  • The Friday night Market Opening Party was attended by over 1,500 eager buyers and partiers.  
  • The Million Hearts for Haiti booth, all proceeds of which are going to Haitian artisan initiatives, was wildly successful—and by the end of the weekend had earned over $32,000. Overall, Friday night buyers spent close to $450,000—supporting artists all the way! 
Last week I wrote a blog "Travel Fever", about missing Turkey and my friend Albert who that same day was loosing his battle to cancer in Istanbul, Kismet?  He loved life, his friends, family, food and wine, I am not sure which order.  He will be missed.
The Face and T-shirt say it all

I want to end this post with enormous optimism and congratulations to a brilliant group of (women) bloggers, all of whom I am sure you are familiar with for their sense of style mixed with great writing.
I wish them the best of luck with this huge and exciting endeavor they are collaborating together on a new online magazine called Rue Magazine. Look for the premiere issue this September!
Break a leg ladies!
Photo by Emily Anderson
I heard it through the grapevine that a few of The Loaded Trunk Pieces might have made the cut for one of the 1st issues.  I am crossing my fingers.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

A Girl Can't Make Up Her Mind

It has been a busy hot summer week.  I can see why I have received only one suggestion for this weeks giveaway.  Thanks for the pillow suggestion Karena.

I still want you to choose your fav, so I am going to let the winner pick a pillow from the group.
Picture by the loaded trunk
Enjoy browsing!  Please don't forget to leave your contact information.  Winner picked on Saturday.

    Travel Fever

    I can't seem to sit still.  There is such a long wishlist of countries and places that I still have not been to.  So while I am plotting and planning and figuring out how I will be able to get to the next place,  I reach back and remember old trips and think of old friends.  Today Albert is on my mind.  I have know him for many years.  When I am in Istanbul I stay with him.  He saw my children grow.  When I think of him it is always with a smile and food on my mind.  So here is to you Albie, a Roni version of your Turkish salad that I made last night.

    I don't use recipes much, so you will have to wing it as I do...here are the ingredients I used.
    • Cup or 2 of cubed watermelon
    • Cup of broken or cubed Feta Cheese
    • Chiffonade a bag of Arugula
    • Cup of cucumbers, english or regular, no skin or seeds, cubed
    • Chiffonade a handful or more of fresh basil and a bit fresh mint put it all in a bowl

    Now here is where Albert and Turkey come in.  Add a healthy dose of dried Turkish red pepper, Kosher salt or sea salt,  a bit of EVO,  fresh lemon juice to taste and the final move is to drizzle not just any Pomegranate Syrup all over and toss gently and dig in.

    Somehow without the view of the Bospherous or the simultaneous sounds of call to pray it tastes a little different.
     Not just any dried pepper-Turkish Pepper
    Not just any Pomegranate Syrup
    photo's taken by Ryan Jaco

    Oh, and of course a bottle of some yummy dry Rose.

    Friday, July 16, 2010

    New Discoveries

    I am delighted to announce the winner of the Bali Temple Umbrella.  Taylor, she has a blog, an etsy store where she sells her 'Taylormade' jewelry! Cudo's to you Taylor.  As a traveler I particularly love the way you shot this lovely necklace on the map of the USA.
    Photo's by Taylor from her Etsy site
    Photo's by Taylor from her Etsy site

    This tribal looking necklace makes me restless for an new adventure.  Look for next weeks giveaway on Sunday.  

    Have a wonderful weekend.

    Thursday, July 15, 2010

    Small Temple Umbrellas

    A few ideas on how to decorate with these fabulous little gems.  This is the third giveaway for The Loaded Trunks First year anniversary celebration.
     This wonderful spiritually sculpted table is from Bergdorf Goodman Decorative Home.

    Photos from The Loaded Trunk

    I will be busy this week doing a photo shoot for some new additions to The Loaded Trunk.  I thought it might be fun to hear from you!  Leave me your comments on what you would like to see the next giveaway be.  I will choose one and post it Sunday!

    Can't wait to get your ideas!

    Tuesday, July 13, 2010

    Intoxicating Santa Fe

    I spent an intoxicating weekend hobnobbing with some of the finest artists in the world at the Folk Art Market in Santa Fe.  I was truly in awe and inspired by the talent and diversity in the art and artists chosen to be there from all over the world.
    Ebony and Silver 
    The artist Elhadji Koumama, Niger

    Weavings from Laos
    The Artist/Weaver-Taykeo Sayavon
    Hand Painted Camel Bags by Fatim Diallo from Mali
    Ousmane Macina , incredible Jeweler From Mali

    I usually travel to these countries on my own. The planning, hunting, the cultural immersion is food for me. So it was with trepidation and hesitation that I set off to Santa Fe.  There were crowds of people who I realized would see these countries only this way and others who were clearly fellow intrepid travelers.

    I met old friends that I shared chai with while in the far corners of India.  An amazing block printer from Gujarat whose scarves I brought home in suitcases for the loaded trunk.  An exceptional woman from New Delhi, who has organized and encouraged artists of all mediums throughout India, that she tirelessly promotes throughout the world.
    The incredible women of Kamala that I met on my last journey to India
    The infamous Master Block Printer, Adul Razak Mohmed Khatri, 9th generation block printer that Ryan and I shared lunch and Chai with in Western Gujarat near the Pakistan Border

    I also met Judy who selflessly promotes and coordinates an NGO, Kala Rashka, in the state of Gujarat that works to preserve the traditional arts of this region of India. You may still find a few of their fabulous bolsters in my trunk!

    I met many new and intriguing artists with whom I look forward to working with.  These new friends have helped me carve out the path for my next journey.  Stay tuned!

    Saturday, July 10, 2010

    Perfectly Perched

    Hooray for the Indian Bangles winner, Lynn Klein. This weeks giveaway is a beautiful petite balinese umbrella.  Please remember that in order to be entered in the giveaway I will need an email address when you comment.
    Tedung in Balinese means “to guard,” remind us of the much larger ceremonial relatives of these umbrellas used in parades year-round.  Made from hand-dyed fabrics, they can be used as table accents in your home, in the garden or terrace, or for poolside entertaining.

    Have a wonderful weekend. I will be back next week with loads of pictures from Santa Fe.

    Monday, July 5, 2010

    Unexpected Travel

    Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.  said, "Unexpected travel suggestions are dancing lessons from God." I love this quote and think of it as I plan for my trip to the International Folk Art Market in Santa Fe, New Mexico this weekend. I am excited on so many levels.  I will be a volunteer and will working with an amazing textile designer from Mali, Aboudar Sidiki Fofana.
    Photos from Santa Fe International Folk Market Website
    I will be staying with an old friend, a painter, and I quote a review by the Santa Fe Reporter:" With an eye toward history, both in terms of technique and style, Pauline Ziegen creates layered modernist mythologies of the American West landscapes."  Her work is available through several galleries in Santa Fe. 

    Photos from Pauline Ziegen
    Lastly, I will be seeing several weavers and block printers that I met in Gujarat, India. They will be a part of a group of truly amazing artisans from around the globe gathering in this beautiful spot to celebrate their craft.  I am putting on my dancing shoes.

    Sunday, July 4, 2010


    Happy 4th of July!  In between a family get together, fireworks and loads of yummy food, I wanted to let you know what this next weeks giveaway will be.  You will be able to pick 6 of these embellished bangles I picked up on a recent trip to India!

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend and please make sure when you leave a comment I have a way to contact you if you win.

    Saturday, July 3, 2010

    First Year Mark Giveaway Winner

    Thanks to all who visited my new blog and a special thanks to those that commented. As you know this kicks off a month of weekly giveaways so please stayed tuned for more musings from the loaded trunk!
    I used Random.org to choose the winner for the first giveaway. Below is the winning comment.

    Anonymous said... One year down and a lifetime of memories collected,not to mention all the great treasures you bring back for us to enjoy here! Congrats! Thank you for sharing, rebathao@yahoo.com..........

    Have a wonderful 4th and for a sneak peek of the next giveaway go to the loaded trunk!
    Congratulations to our First, First year mark winner!