Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Intoxicating Santa Fe

I spent an intoxicating weekend hobnobbing with some of the finest artists in the world at the Folk Art Market in Santa Fe.  I was truly in awe and inspired by the talent and diversity in the art and artists chosen to be there from all over the world.
Ebony and Silver 
The artist Elhadji Koumama, Niger

Weavings from Laos
The Artist/Weaver-Taykeo Sayavon
Hand Painted Camel Bags by Fatim Diallo from Mali
Ousmane Macina , incredible Jeweler From Mali

I usually travel to these countries on my own. The planning, hunting, the cultural immersion is food for me. So it was with trepidation and hesitation that I set off to Santa Fe.  There were crowds of people who I realized would see these countries only this way and others who were clearly fellow intrepid travelers.

I met old friends that I shared chai with while in the far corners of India.  An amazing block printer from Gujarat whose scarves I brought home in suitcases for the loaded trunk.  An exceptional woman from New Delhi, who has organized and encouraged artists of all mediums throughout India, that she tirelessly promotes throughout the world.
The incredible women of Kamala that I met on my last journey to India
The infamous Master Block Printer, Adul Razak Mohmed Khatri, 9th generation block printer that Ryan and I shared lunch and Chai with in Western Gujarat near the Pakistan Border

I also met Judy who selflessly promotes and coordinates an NGO, Kala Rashka, in the state of Gujarat that works to preserve the traditional arts of this region of India. You may still find a few of their fabulous bolsters in my trunk!

I met many new and intriguing artists with whom I look forward to working with.  These new friends have helped me carve out the path for my next journey.  Stay tuned!


  1. Glad you enjoyed your weekend in Santa Fe! The market was indeed incredible. The 27,000 people sometimes felt like a lot, but I guess it was the closest many would ever get to the hustling, boisterous feel of the casbah!

    Frank O'Mahony
    Evolve Santa Fe Real Estate

  2. WOW, looks like a fun and successful trip..awesome... i love the ebony and silver... classy