Thursday, October 21, 2010

Rue Debuts and Delivers

There has been quite a buzz about the new online magazine Rue.  It premiered just last month with a fabulous party in NYC which I unfortunately missed. Rue is a result of a collaboration between the talented duo Anne Sage of The City Sage and Crystal Gentillo of Plush Palate, two well known bloggers who co-founded Rue along with a group of behind-the-scenes talent.
A few of The Loaded Trunk's treasures were included in this issue's shoot.  It was so exciting to see some of my things borrowed and put to use with Rue's creative styling.
Crystal's living room with a Herki rug from The Loaded Trunk
I love the light in her bedroom with the Mexican bedspread from The Loaded Trunk. Notice the fabulous leopard print jacket in the mirror.
They so creatively used the dreamy silk ikat from Thailand as a floor cover.
(All photography Rue Magazine)

The photography, styling and writing in this first issue put this team of dynamic women in a group of exclusive magazine editors already. I can't wait to see what they have in store for the next issue due out in early November. Look for it at Thanks to Anne, Crystal, and their great design team for supporting small businesses!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Unmasked & Adorned

The Loaded Trunk is gearing up for our first real holiday season. Last year was the dress rehearsal. Here are some of my favorite new things, from Mexico, Turkey, Argentina and Thailand.
There is still time to sign up for our $100 worth of jewelry so please TAKE ADVANTAGE of us!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Collectors

I have a serious addiction. I am a collector by nature. It started from growing up abroad and picking up bits and pieces in other countries. This quickly turned into a textile/platters/artwork sort of obsession. Soon I was surrounded by too many things so I decided to start the Loaded Trunk to share some of the treasures (and to allow me to continue collecting). I am, however, not alone in my quest to collect.

My daughter Ryan has collected dolls since she was little. Here is a peek into one of her many doll-filled chests:

My son Michael has collected masks for years. Here are some of the fantastic masks on his wall:

My brother Stuart somehow began collecting Hellman's Mayonnaise jars which he hoards in overflowing kitchen cabinets. (No picture needed!)

My good friend Kelly has been an avid collector of American folk art for many years now and has an impressive collection. Here are some of her pieces recently exhibited at an Outsider Art show.
Kelly also has a terrific blog chronicling her journeys
As I am constantly collecting, buying, selling, and trading, I wonder what you collect? I would love to hear from all of you to try to incorporate your passions into my work as well.

Monday, October 4, 2010

The Perfect Little Boy+The Loaded Trunk=Global Kids

When you are the ruler of your domain, owner of your own business, wearer of many hats one always must be prepared to change them, and fast! Last week during a planned photo shoot, at my home, which is also my warehouse, studio and office, I got a call early the morning of the shoot from my son saying he needed to bring my grandson, over for the day. They had forgotten there was no school that day. Oops...Rather then changing gears and re-scheduling the photographer I just went with the flow and figured it would work itself out.  Tina the photographer and I would have a 4 year old helper.  Oh, and we did.
sorry, this woolly snake is not longer available, a fair days wage for the perfect little boy.

He was amazing! It was such fun... Look for these shots in the new Global Kids category up on The Loaded Trunk soon.