Monday, October 4, 2010

The Perfect Little Boy+The Loaded Trunk=Global Kids

When you are the ruler of your domain, owner of your own business, wearer of many hats one always must be prepared to change them, and fast! Last week during a planned photo shoot, at my home, which is also my warehouse, studio and office, I got a call early the morning of the shoot from my son saying he needed to bring my grandson, over for the day. They had forgotten there was no school that day. Oops...Rather then changing gears and re-scheduling the photographer I just went with the flow and figured it would work itself out.  Tina the photographer and I would have a 4 year old helper.  Oh, and we did.
sorry, this woolly snake is not longer available, a fair days wage for the perfect little boy.

He was amazing! It was such fun... Look for these shots in the new Global Kids category up on The Loaded Trunk soon.

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