Monday, June 20, 2011

New York City

I just got back from a busy month of traveling, Chicago for my niece's graduation and last week to New York again to see my daughter. I came back to some web glitches on my shop site so it's been a busy week already. Here are some quick pictures I took during that trip. I'll tell you all about it this week, as soon as I catch my breath! Both fabulous cites for art, theater, food and people watching...
I was eating in a yummy French Bistro across the street watching this dapper dude thoroughly enjoying his cigar! I love the West Village...
Eye candy on the subway.
My daughter's place in Brooklyn..Ahh the green space
Great exhibit at the MOMA. hurry though...I think it is leaving soon
Beautiful exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum

Monday, June 13, 2011

Modern Wedding with Exotic Twist

photo by Punam Bean
photo by Punam Bean
photo by Punam Bean

When you see exotic, cross-cultural weddings, often the entire wedding is covered in head-to-toe jewel-tones of deep, vibrant colors with sparkling gold and flashy embellishments everywhere, down to the smallest details. It's definitely dramatic and gorgeous but some brides are looking for smaller doses of global glamour. This couple's wedding, photographed by talented international wedding photographer Punam Bean, was traditional in both the American and Indian sense. What I love about this is her paisley, Indian-inspired scarf thrown casually over her white wedding dress. Just a spot of color to make things more interesting. Whether it's the cooler months of the year or the cooler nights of summer, a scarf is the perfect accessory to keep those bare bridal shoulders comfortable and cozy.

This orange, boho, block print scarf from Thailand would be a gorgeous compliment to a vintage country wedding or a modern wedding with orange accents. You can see more of Punam's work here and my entire collection of exotic scarves from The Loaded Trunk here.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Father's Day Gifts

I've hand-picked some special pieces from The Loaded Trunk for your world-traveling, sophisticated fathers this Father's Day. A mix of low-end and high-end art collectibles, vintage Burmese slingshots and cowhide boxes and rugs are on the list. Enjoy!