Monday, July 22, 2013

The Allure Of Durian

Love it or hate it, everyone has a strong opinion the first time they encounter durian. Its legendary smell is so off-putting that many people can't even think about eating it. The brave ones who let the fruit pass through their lips often experience a powerful gag reflex. But those who love durian relish in its tender flesh and unique flavor. This highly fragrant fruit is sold on carts all over Thailand. Crack one open and it looks like a giant oyster, its insides soft and golden.

Ann and Jonah choose the perfect durian, examining, smelling touching and of course, tasting before buying.
The allure for me was the shape not the taste. I am firmly in the hate it camp. The round orbs, which grow on trees, are heavy and dotted with spikes lending it a very architectural feel. On a recent trip to Chiang Mai, I worked with a group of wood workers  to re-create this funky looking fruit into an object of art. Using the most perfect durian as their model, these wonderful vessels were created. The top opens up for hidden storage, a perfect place for amulets and charms to bring you luck. The durian objet d'art can be found in the shop. Follow here to add it to your home.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

To Four and Many More

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When I started my business four years ago, I didn't know where I would be today or even if I'd still be in business. But against all odds and two recessions, I am still hanging on, and I'm very proud to say I haven't changed my original concept of being global, ethical, ecletic and timeless. 

I have you, my wonderful customers, to thank for enabling my addiction to travel, joining me on my adventures in cultural immersion and making it possible to continue working with artisans all over the world. You inspire me with your living spaces, how you mix styles and fusing the old with the new.

As a special thank you to my readers, buyers, fellow textile junkies and collectors, I'm giving away four special items from The Loaded Trunk, one for every amazing year.

Here is to year 4See below for details on how to enter and win. 

1. I have four separate contests for each different social media platforms. I realize not everyone has the time to join everything so I'm spreading the love. Just follow the directions below and message me if you have any questions.

2. Win extra chances by following the blog and leaving a comment in this post.

3. Contest runs the entire month of July. Winners will be announced on or before August 9th. Good luck!

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