Sunday, July 18, 2010

Travel Fever

I can't seem to sit still.  There is such a long wishlist of countries and places that I still have not been to.  So while I am plotting and planning and figuring out how I will be able to get to the next place,  I reach back and remember old trips and think of old friends.  Today Albert is on my mind.  I have know him for many years.  When I am in Istanbul I stay with him.  He saw my children grow.  When I think of him it is always with a smile and food on my mind.  So here is to you Albie, a Roni version of your Turkish salad that I made last night.

I don't use recipes much, so you will have to wing it as I are the ingredients I used.
  • Cup or 2 of cubed watermelon
  • Cup of broken or cubed Feta Cheese
  • Chiffonade a bag of Arugula
  • Cup of cucumbers, english or regular, no skin or seeds, cubed
  • Chiffonade a handful or more of fresh basil and a bit fresh mint put it all in a bowl

Now here is where Albert and Turkey come in.  Add a healthy dose of dried Turkish red pepper, Kosher salt or sea salt,  a bit of EVO,  fresh lemon juice to taste and the final move is to drizzle not just any Pomegranate Syrup all over and toss gently and dig in.

Somehow without the view of the Bospherous or the simultaneous sounds of call to pray it tastes a little different.
 Not just any dried pepper-Turkish Pepper
Not just any Pomegranate Syrup
photo's taken by Ryan Jaco

Oh, and of course a bottle of some yummy dry Rose.


  1. that's so funny because i was just thinking of that salad last night! i just need to buy some cukes...yum! and kisses to Albie...

  2. wow, interesting salad..i have never had that before, but it sounds yummy!!!!