Thursday, October 13, 2011

From Construction to Perfection

I landed in Turkey last night after a long but exciting journey. Exciting mean all flights were on time and the flight was empty. I indulged myself with some of my favorite Turkish delights on board, sour cherry juice, cheese, wine, ambien and sleep! I woke to an airline breakfast of one of my favorites. Feta, tomatoes, olives and Chai and Aryan, a salty yogurt drink. I was happy and had not gotten off the plane. After a bit of a delay and a long walk to I found my next flight to Kayseri. Greeted by my friend Murat I was driven to Goreme in Kapadokya, central Turkey, my ultimate destination for the next few days.

my loft just before leaving USA

My my room in the Sultan Cave Hotel in Goreme, Turkey. My friend Mehmet had been working for several years on this masterpiece. more to come.

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