Sunday, August 8, 2010

Highs and Lows

Earlier this summer I was in NYC and did some comparative pricing, and with my trusty pocket Cannon elf took a few shots!  The particular store I stopped in is a favorite of mine, but frankly more for their marketing then their good value.  So I usually leave empty handed with a few ideas. Delightfully reminded that without brick and mortar I am able to keep my costs down and this translates to VERY competitive pricing from The Loaded Trunk.
Brand X from same dealer in Jaipur ($250.)

We are running a sale on our cotton kanthas from Jaipur in several gorgeous colors and all other Quilts and Coverlets, so take advantage of us as the sale will extend Through Friday the 13th!
the loaded trunk ($175. less 25%)
These soft and lightweight colorful Kantha are from Jaipur. All are hand-sewn with running stitches that vary in color and have a complementary solid color on the reverse side. The desert region of Rajasthan is filled with forts and is breathtaking yet monochromatic. It offers most of it's color through it's people.  They dress themselves, their animals and their rides with the color that seems to be missing in the landscape.
 Color of the Rajasthani landscape (photo by Ryan Jaco)
Colorful sari's(photo by Ryan Jaco)
Colorful footwear from Jodphur, Rajasthan-available at the loaded trunk (photo by Ryan Jaco)
Colorful friend of the desert (photo by Ryan Jaco)
Goods Carrier- typical truck (photo by Ryan Jaco)


  1. India looks fantastic. I really hope to go soon!

  2. It is fantastic and challenging. It is a country that pushes you. I hope you get there!