Sunday, August 1, 2010

Aha Moments

I was filmed earlier this week by the Mutual of Omaha.  They are traveling to 20 some cities around the USA talking to people about what their Aha moment in life was. A quote from their sight, "Aha moments are powerful. More than an idea, or an epiphany, aha moments demand attention and action. Deciding on a new career. Jumping out of an airplane. Launching an international philanthropy, or becoming a fire dancer. "
We were was asked to bring a prop.  I brought my tinned copper Turkish pitcher with me, sort of like my blankie, and a group of my travel postcards that I use as marketing pieces for my website the loaded trunk.  
Tinned Copper Pitcher from the loaded trunk
Travel cards created in collaboration with Linh Trieu

The pitcher represented a defining moment in my life.  The travel cards are photographs that have captured some of my Aha moments.

The end result of this tour for the Mutual of Omaha is to pick 7 or so people from this large group to represent them in a commercial.  It is an interesting idea so I thought it would be fun to be a part of this piece of Americana they are trying to capture.

When they started filming and asking specific questions about what my Aha moment was, what the pitcher represented etc. I realized that there was not just one Aha moment for me: life is a chain of Aha moments, and I am always thinking of ways to get to next one.
Mutual of Omaha Take 1-Aha Moment
After exhausting myself thinking of life changing moments for the interview, I came home and spent the weekend relaxing and thought I would share a few of my mini Aha drinks!

Spinach, cucumber, lime, honey smoothie....YUM
Large handful of organic spinach
1 medium(peeled) cucumber from the Austins garden(any peeled fresh will do)
Juice of a juicy lime
Tablespoon of organic honey
1 cup of ice
I have a blender not a fancy juicer like many of my friends and this worked like a charm.
Inspired by Kelli Austin (photographed on Ikat runner from the loaded trunk)

Watermelon, white peaches, pomegranate juice smoothie
1-2 cups of watermelon, I just chunk and toss it in with seeds and all
1-2 ripe white flesh peaches( it is what I had on hand)
Splash of unsweetened pomegranate juice
1 cup of ice
Toss all in blender (or your fancy vita mix) and drink
I have been drinking these alcohol free but a few friends has suggested a nice rum might just mellow your evening.

Watermelon and peach smoothie (photographed on Ikat runner from the loaded trunk))


  1. That spinach smoothie looks yum! Hope you'll get a spot on the advert--look fwd to seeing it.

  2. thanks for the vote! they will post the video which will be just enough for me! the spinach smoothie is fabulous. I was definitely a skeptic and hardly used much honey, it was a wonderful combo. All over India I had juices made street side every morning, with all kinds of veggies and fruits added together. It was so easy.

  3. CONGRATS on being filmed, thats so awesome...!
    oo nice recipes... ima try em.. sounds tasty! and healthy..! i love things that are healthy and taste good..makes it fun to be healthy!


  4. Roni, how wonderful! I am so excited for you!

    I emailed you about coming by and would Fri am work out for you?

    New Giveaway is up on my site!

    Art by Karena