Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day

I honor my father Marvin on this day. I began by looking up inspirational quotes. Instead I realize he was my inspiration. Every time I read a book, listen to an Opera, eat marvelous food, drink a glass of wine, travel the world fearlessly, I honor my father. He was a principled man (to a fault), a grandfather, loving husband, father and brother. He was a West Point graduate, an executive and mentor and last but not least an amazing golfer. He lived a full life. He was loving and tough and I miss him. He showed me the world and would have honored my new venture.
 the boy
Father knows best??
The Officer
Dad, me and Mom in Miami in the 70's
New York Times Sunday Magazine crossword puzzle master, pencil only
My family saying goodbye to a true renaissance man at West Point

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  1. Roni-love the family photos...your father was quite a guy! What a lovely tribute to him your life has become.