Friday, June 25, 2010

Birds of a Feather

Yesterday I found a picture of pillows from John Robshaw who is an artist and amazing designer. He inspires me. When he travels he immerses himself in the cultures of wherever goes. I get that. When I travel I must breathe in the people, food and art where ever I am. He designed the pillows below a few seasons ago, I don't know if they are even available now, but his work is timeless and always appears to be inspired by a sense of place.

While recently in India I met Kani Swami, a painter of miniatures. He paints gorgeous miniatures, but his birds were my favorites. In fact, one of India's numerous surprises to me was that there were so many birds, everywhere. In the hustle bustle of cities where the cacophony of sound, motion and pollution was sometimes so overwhelming, there were beautiful birds.
Picture from John Robshaw Blog

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