Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Phuket, Beaches, Caves + Karsts

There are so many things about traveling that I love. Each country has it's own balance no matter how hectic or different it may seem.  The diversity of cultures living side by side is always mind boggling to me. I love being the one who stands out and yet I am constantly trying to fit in between the cultures surrounding me.

Usually I spend less time vacationing and more time working or "shopping" for The Loaded Trunk. This trip I have had time to explore. On a side trip to Phuket I spent time with family in the Andaman Sea kayaking through breathtaking caves, gliding by limestone karsts and sliding into caves that are only  able to be entered when the tide is at a certain level and often lying down in the kayak to squeeze through. 

If there is a single feature of south Thailand's landscape which commands ones attention right from the start it is these dramatic karsts which rise from the waters edge and valley floors to sheer vertical heights in excess of 900 meters. These butte-like crags were formed 260 million years ago when a shallow sea running the entire length of south Asia, slowly built up deep deposits of shells and corals which were later buried under sediments washing in from land. They are brilliant and the waters all around the karsts area are free of trash and an excess of tourist boats. It was a perfect day. The man who organized this expedition for us has made preserving this area his life's work.
Bat cave..so dark and had to get on our bellies to go through it. Yikes!

Michael and nephew Jonah who live in beautiful Phuket

Entering one of the caves.
Sunset then more night cave kayaking with head lamps.
(photo's by Michael, Roni and Rachel)
What a day!


  1. These karst formations and caves...and the monkey...remind me of the mountains and caves that surround Ha Long Bay in Viet Nam. So beautiful and intriguing.

  2. Hi Ann,
    They are much like the karsts around Ha Long Bay, except the water has less garbage in it in Thailand and is way less crowded.There are not as many that's for sure. I am in Hanoi as I write this and would love to know what your favorite things to do while here were!I love it here and am always finding undiscovered gems, whether it be food, culture or shopping.