Thursday, January 13, 2011

Finally Thailand

After a three day string of misadventures on my way to Thailand with my 82 year Mother we settled into our hotel in Bangkok for two nights cutting our stay there short by 3 days. 

One missed and one canceled flight, two hotel stays at LAX, a taxi ride that ended with the hatch opening and all our luggage flying out at 30 miles per hour, lost luggage and might I say lots of irritable people: we finally landed in Bangkok at 1:30 am.  We did a fast forward in Bangkok and hit Chiang Mai, Thailand in the north yesterday and I must say have not caught up yet. Between lost time, jet lag the need to find fabulous things quickly I am going to spare you the words and share some of our shopping and food experiences in Bangkok. More about fantastic Chiang Mai to come.
My mother and brother who lives in Thailand

Amulet market Bangkok

Michael, strong arm bargaining

more Buddha's beads

serious business these amulets

OMG...three foot high Chinese puppets


Happy and hardworking..

sticky rice bundles

Satay anyone?

 Getting serious at the amulet market

Hmmm..personal grooming!

Got in trouble for this photo..

Not England but just as serious about their royal family.

We are not talking gems stones (amulet dealer)

That is raw garlic..

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  1. Thank you for sharing these wonderful pictures of Thailand, I really love it.