Friday, January 28, 2011

Deja Vu:China Town, Bangkok

I spent 2 months last year in India traveling and buying with my daughter for The Loaded Trunk. For much of the time it was a wonderful experience though it was filled with lots of learning curves. We wrote a blog together and one of them included a day at the Jodphur market: not long after we had begun our trip. I clearly remember being so overwhelmed at exactly 4pm (there is a huge clock) in the market area. I remember standing in the center of the square with cows, goats, rats, rickshaws, motor bikes, cars with their horns continually honking, rancid smells: and what seemed like thousands of people. I had reached a state of sensory overload. We retreated to our hotel and treated ourselves to a Kingfisher beer. From that day on we used 4 pm as our timetable for ending our day of shopping.
A travel photo with just clock tower showing. Quite peaceful and beautiful hey?
Me around 4 PM and our pictures of the Jodphur market as it really is. (photo's by The Loaded Trunk)

Today in Bangkok I had deja vu in China Town. I should know better, but someone I met here suggested I head there for old textiles. Unfortunately I listened and after feeling like a rat in a crowded maze found my way out: but not after catching some shots of a place I would save to see only if you have nothing else to do and have never been to a China town anywhere else in the world.
King of Thailand. The Royal family is revered and pictures of the family are everywhere. Even old videos of the royal family play on the Sky Train.
Chinese medicine store. Did not want to know what those antlers cure.
Sizing up my day.
 Tomorrow is another day. Off to Chatuchak market!

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  1. I see a plate of beef blood! I have never learned to like it even though I grew up with it. No thanks!