Monday, November 1, 2010

Dia de los Muertos

As many of us are recovering from candy gluttony and costumed frenzies many Mexicans are preparing for the Day of the Dead. This beautiful holiday is celebrated throughout Mexico tomorrow, November 2, to honor those loved ones who have passed on. While many may think this is a macabre and strange holiday filled with sugar skulls, dancing skeletons, and hours passed at graveyards, the Day of the Dead is a compassionate, mindful celebration of those missed. Mexicans prepare for All Souls Day by preparing the favorite foods and drinks of those who have passed and spending the day with family and friends at the graveside of the departed. My daughter, the obsessive collector of dolls, has many Day of the Dead dolls that I have on display throughout my house. As I was admiring these beautifully crafted ceramic and papier mache skeletons I decided to blog about this often misunderstood holiday and to share some photos of these enigmatic figures.     

Papier mache dolls with some spooky fall gourds.
A fraction of my daughter's ceramic collection.
Some papier mache figures more on the spooky side.

A doll I spotted on my recent buying trip to MX at the Museum in Morelia.

 And, finally, if you wish to introduce some Day of the Dead into your home, I have a number of handmade jewelry boxes that I picked up recently in MX.

So tomorrow, if you happen to think of those who have passed, think of them fondly and perhaps cook their favorite meal for dinner.

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  1. Roni wonderful collection in honor of The Day of the Dead.

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    Art by Karena