Friday, November 26, 2010

Affordable Art: The Ultimate Luxury?

“Art is the ultimate luxury.” I don't know where I found this quote but for me this is an untruth. "Like many of you, true one-of-a-kind art is a little bit out of my reach right now but I do not want my walls to be bare". This is another quote I found by a blogger that I take issue with! Art is like food for me, I MUST have it around me, this is my truth. I can't imagine thinking of art as a luxury. Sure, I don't own a Picasso, Dali, Jim Dine painting or an Arbus or Lebovitz photo. I do own a lot of amazing pieces from painters, print-makers, sculptors and photographers whose names remain anonymous and a collection of rare and disappearing folk art from around the world. All of these were purchased on a budget, traded for or found in markets here and abroad. One-of-a-kind art is everywhere and affordable. Apartment Therapy recently published a piece written by Sarah Coffey on this very subject. The piece below is from The Loaded Trunk, which was included in a group of affordable art work. The additional work is also from The Loaded Trunk and is From $25.00 to $200.00.
Miniatures from Rajasthan are intricate, small sized, colorful handmade folk paintings, executed with detail with very delicate brushwork The themes range from events, court life scenes, hunting scenes and wild life. $58.00

During the late nineteenth century, India established a printing Industry devoted to producing images of Hindu Gods and Goddesses. These kitschy posters are all over India, except these 3-D embellished gems were a special find! $75.00

These wonderful and amusing prints are all bicycles. I did not meet this artist, but was taken by these whimsical prints while in one of my favorite galleries in Hanoi. In a city that was once safe to use a bicycle you hardly see any now! $45.00
The hill tribes in the northern areas of Vietnam, Laos, Thailand and Burma use these divination masks during Taoist ceremonies. These vintage ceremonial masks worn by the village Shaman are best-fit when framed with contemporary flare. $200.00
High quality reproduction of Vietnam War era Propaganda poster. Collectible, unique and affordable art from Hanoi; they are great pieces added to a unique office wall of art. $60.00

Vintage Mexican movie posters add cinematic scope to any entertainment area with movie melodrama.

Often framing is more expensive then the art. The artwork above was all framed by yours truly. Using reduced priced frames from local framers, glass cut to fit from an inexpensive glass vendor and mat board professionally cut or by yourself.


  1. Wonderful Roni! I love the Rajasthan work of art!!


    Art by Karena

  2. Hi Karena,
    lots of finds beyond Rajasthan also, but yes the miniatures are my fav.