Thursday, September 2, 2010

Timeless and Distracting

I love the the blog Style Court, by Courtney Barnes. We all have our favorites and sometimes reading them causes me to procrastinate in a big way.

Case in point: I am leaving tomorrow for a 10-day buying trip to Mexico and haven't packed yet. I'm frantically responding to emails, mailing packages, working on new marketing plans, and meeting with a friend who will oversee The loaded Trunk while I travel in search of new treasures.

I get an email that Courtney posted "Timeless". It struck a chord with me, as many of her posts do. She refers to a picture she has saved for years of Ricky Lauren on her horse wearing an RL fringed jacket. I stopped everything I was doing because I have a version of this jacket and still wear it! So I pulled out my boots and jacket, took some pictures and sent them to her. (Okay, that's one hour I shouldn't have stolen. Moving on.)
Detail view, framed photo of Ricky Lauren on her horse, part of a desktop tablescape in the Lauren house as pictured in Ralph Lauren.

I sent Courtney a short email, knowing it would make her smile, and smiled myself when she added this to her post:
Update: 9:52 p.m.
Roni Jaco, owner of the textiles, art and housewares shop, The Loaded Trunk, did hang on to her authentic Ralph jacket. Smart woman. (Thanks for pulling it out of the closet Roni!)
I'm so new to this world of blogging, but I'm already cherishing relationships like this. I am certain they'll become timeless! Timeless procrastination with benefits.

Adios! See you when I return from Mexico. If you'd like to follow along, come join me on Facebook.

Have a safe and wonderful Labor Day weekend.

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