Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Me encanta México

I just returned from a trip to Mexico.  The people, crafts, colorful history, diversity and preparation for the Bicentennial were evident in every town I visited.

I was there for a buying trip for The Loaded Trunk, so my museum time was limited.  As an art lover the "Museo de Arte Popular" in Mexico City is a highlight and one I never miss.  It always inspires me.

This is one of the newer museums, opening on 2006 and is my favorite museum in Mexico City. It is the showcase for Mexican roots, traditions and artisan skills. The museum is housed in a beautiful contemporary space, an art deco fire station that has been refurbished and is full of folk art from different regions of Mexico. The works include outstanding examples of textiles, pottery, woodcarvings, papier mache, paper cuttings, metal work, glass work and more, all displayed over several floors.  The building has a central "glassed-in" atrium that is airy and light allowing many of the galleries to be open and bright. It is the leader of venues for Mexican Folk Art and a must see...
The Atrium filled with kites during a visit a couple of years ago
This visit was on Sunday so all but the 1st floor gallery were closed. Art from all regions depicting historical scenes leading to both the Independence of Mexico in 1810 and scenes leading to the Revolution in 1910 were displayed, each with an historical story and time period of the event. If you do not read Spanish, I suggest you bring along a friend who does, as I did!

Photos by Roni at the Museo Arte de Popular
I only wish I had more time to be there for what I am sure will prove to be a fantastic celebration!
Photo by Roni in Morelia of some Bicentennial decorations


  1. I have Mexico on my wish list of places to visit. It sounds incredible.

  2. It is a wonderful country filled with gracious people.

  3. wow, i have not made it to Mexico yet but i bet your trip was awesome!

    have a great nite..


  4. Looks like you had a great trip, Roni! Hope you are well and so glad your mother liked the cards.