Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Bag It Up

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Several of The Loaded Trunk textiles go through transformations before they arrive in the shop. Blankets and wall hangings turn into pillows. Throws become table runners. The fabrics are just so beautiful I hate to see them only live one life. A side result from these projects is tons of fabric scrap. With the holidays just around the corner, I decided to dust off my sewing machine and turn those scraps into drawstring bags. They're perfect for just about anything and the bag is almost a gift in itself.

Even though it's been months, maybe years, since I last touched my machine (I actually had to clean an embarrassing amount of dust off it), it did kind of feel like riding a bicycle. Frustrating until your brain starts clicking and things fall into place again. I used this tutorial as a refresher and this one is good too.

Although I know this isn't the right way to do it, I didn't really measure. Depending on the fabric scrap, I just made sure to give myself enough room for the drawstring at the top of the bag. The little one on the end I modified to create a flap since the pattern begged for it and added a snap enclosure.

The blue bag was large enough to hold two bottles (perfect for wines, vinegars, etc). It measures 9-inches wide by 16-inches high. The medium-sized bag holds one bottle and measures 5.5-inches wide by 12.5-inches high. These are both final sizes. Just add about a half inch to these measurements for the inseam. I just strung simple twine through top, but you can jazz it up with ribbon if you have it.

My favorite of the three bags is this little tiny one. It's the perfect size for a wine key and stopper or a bar of deliciously scented soap.

Stay tuned for more projects featuring these scrap fabrics!

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