Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Turkish Ceramic Platter

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This platter, handmade and signed by the artist, was found in Selçuk, the main town outside Ephesus. Selçuk is roughly eight kilometers from the Aegean Sea on the east coast of Turkey and is where you can find an amazing collection of ceramics as well as many of the country's top ceramics artists. Made in the Iznik tradition, the quality of the work makes it one of the most sought-after folk art today. Hand Eye Magazine wrote a great article about the Iznik art form, its beginnings along with an artist interview, which you can read here

The new guard of plate collectors are grouping more than just floral, ornate, vintage plates together. They're mixing modern designs, remixes of vintage plates with typography and overprinted art and original plate art. Our Turkish Ceramic Platter would make a excellent focus piece in a grouping. I also use them to serve in but they are delicate and need to be hand washed gently.

I only have one of these left in the shop. You can see more details here.

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