Monday, July 11, 2011

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As a long-time fan of global textiles, it's exciting to see the trend coming into the mainstream. The May issue of Paper magazine had a look put together by fashion editor Martha Violante with styling assisted by Kelly Govekar. Martha explained her look as this:

 "I've been daydreaming about all the traveling that I hope to be doing this summer......I wanted to channel that girl who's been around the world and back, collecting jewelry, clothes and knick knacks along the way." 

Doesn't that fit me to a T? As I've mentioned many times before, I was an Army brat and that traveling bug has never left me. It's part of why I started The Loaded Trunk, to share all the treasures I find in my travels. To replicate this look, I've pulled a few pieces from my shop. One thing you have to remember in pulling off this is look is to have no fear. Don't be afraid to mix patterns, textures, colors and styles. Sometimes we get stuck in a rut and worry about things matching all the time, but bohemian style is about more, more, and more. The more comfortable you get with it, the easier it will be to achieve this look. Let's get started!

First, I grabbed some dresses from my imaginary on-line closet from here, here and here. These are all great because they're soft and flowy and a wide print belt would add some definition to the waist line and another level of texture and color.

Now, we'll layer it up and add some Loaded Trunk styling. I'll start with the belt, it was the most striking thing for me because it reminded me of the vintage skirt borders I picked up from Laos. They're hand-embroidered and traditionally sewn onto a long, solid skirt, but I've doubled it around my neck for a looped scarf and for this look, as an intricate belt.

The Loaded Trunk: Vintage Skirt Borders, Laos, $95

Next, we'll be adding some jewelry. I come across the most amazing beads, amulets and stones on my travels. Pictures won't ever really do them justice, things just feel so much nicer in your hands. The beads have deeply rich histories and cultures and I can't help but feel that when I'm wearing them. Layering and excess are key.

The Loaded Trunk: Brilliant Bangles, hand-made resin, $10 each
Stackable Bohemian Bracelet Trio, $95
Quartet of Bohemian Bracelets, $145
The Loaded Trunk: Sterling Silver Geometric Bracelet, India, $225 each
The Loaded Trunk: Gypsy Lapis, Afghan and Thai, $195
Gypsy Spirit Necklace, Afghan and Oaxacan, $95
Paradise Found, Afghan and African, $275
Ancient Fringe, Uzbek and Afghan, $175
Finally, I pulled some bowler bags made from vintage Kantha quilts and an embroidered Hmong clutch to finish the look. All these prints, colors and textures are certainly over-the-top but a global traveler has to be fearless, doesn't she? 

The Loaded Trunk: Vintage Kantha Bowler Bag, India, $120
Vintage Hmong Clutch
, $30

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