Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Salt Service

Before salt and pepper shakers made an appearance on dinner tables in the 1950s, salt was served in an an open vessel, also known as a salt cellar. True salt cellars have lids to keep moisture out of the once highly valuable commodity, but today's salt cellars are usually lidless. Cellars have been coming back to the dinner table though, in a variety of materials, stone, marble, pewter, glass, porcelain and wood. I keep a small jar of kosher salt with a regular spoon next to my stove for cooking, but when guests come for dinner, I pull out the fanciest little bowl for my salt service and of course, the fanciest spoon to go with it. These itty bitty, hammered brass spoons would be a lovely accent to any salt cellar, don't you think? How do you serve your salt at the dinner table?

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