Sunday, May 15, 2011

Weddings, Lovers + Uncovering Affordable Art Pieces

If you are a lover of art, it is possible to purchase affordable art pieces. Here are tips to help you in the process. If you get to meet the artist ask about what their inspiration was and the story behind the work. This will provide you with insight and perception on the artist. Signature and authenticity certificates are important if you plan on becoming a collector. Either of these two will verify originality and prove that your new art prints are indeed real. I do a bit of both, most of my art is for me and is not purchased as an investment.  Mounting and framing costs should also be considered. I use local framers and often will find fantastic frames at flea markets.

The most important thing when buying for yourself is to buy what you like, art is subjective and emotional.

These Indian pieces are from The Loaded Trunk and depict scenes with lovers...If you are buying for a couple getting married make sure you have a good idea of their style before buying a piece... I would have traded in many of my wedding gifts for art!  I don't remember who gave me my wine glasses, but I remember those art objects I received. There was something so personal about them. Not another check off an obligatory list of things someone registered for.

Miniatures from Rajasthan are intricate, small sized, colorful handmade folk paintings, executed with detail with very delicate brushwork. This one depicts the lovers, Krishna + Radha and is painted on old Indian government stamped papers
$50.00 at The Loaded Trunk

The relationship of Radha and Krishna is the embodiment of love, passion and devotion.
 During the late nineteenth century, India established a printing Industry devoted to producing images of Hindu Gods and Goddesses.  These are fantastic pieces for those friends that dare to be different.
$75.00 at The Loaded Trunk

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