Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Collectibles: Burmese Nats

Nats is the general term for the spirits of Burmese religion and belief. They play an important part in Burmese myths and traditions. In the wonderland of Burmese legends no one could help but get involved with Nats, indeed one has only to be in Burma for a few hours to hear the word Nat mentioned. The Nats are for the Burmese people similar to how the Catholic Church views their Saints. These wonderful wood carvings are coated with lacquer, dyes, hair, colored glass and gold leaf. They radiate a place and time far away. The Arachneed does a great job of explaining the intricacies and history of nats, you can read more here.


  1. Roni these are just wonderful!! I love them and their history!

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    Art by Karena

  2. Thank you...I am obsessed with nats. Each time I head to S.E. Asia I dig and hunt and pretend buy. This time I realized how much more difficult to find they are.

  3. Very cool! I went over and read the article. Each story could be made into one very cool movie!

    As a Protestant, I was always jealous of the Catholics who had all their saints and the bloody stories to go with them. Those nats are enchanting and I'll transfer my envy on over to Myanmar...

  4. I live in NYC I have collections of Burmese Nats please visit ( Facebook: phiunde@yahoo.com ) . Let me know if you are interested...