Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sea Envy

This photo of graffiti was taken by my daughter while walking in Brooklyn today. I would love to have this as a framed piece on my wall. How great is it that anyone can see it though! 

As I have been photographing some of my new things and the weather warms I think of the sea and it's color palate: the blues and greens of the water and the beige and browns of the shells and sand. Living in the middle of the USA, a girl can get sea envy. 

Etching by Thai artist representing water...look for his work later this month 
Wonderful new colors and inspiring designs...Mexican Coverlets 
oh my... new boho bangles...soon
Not your typical day at the beach...India last year


  1. Roni love the Boho Bangles! The coverlet as well!

    Something luscious for your face..

    Come and enter..

    Art by Karena

  2. Thanks Karena,
    I check out their products...very nice!

  3. i get sea.envy all the time. lol