Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Age Old Art of Recycling Textiles

"The green or up-cycled trend isn’t a twenty-first century and politically correct development. In fact, throughout time and across cultures people have reconfigured threadbare or worn fabric because of their value and they were reused often for practical, aesthetic and even symbolic purposes. This month and until January 2012, The Textile Museum in Washington, DC explores and presents diverse examples of re-purposed textiles in "Second Lives: The Age-Old Art of Recycling Textiles." I am quoting a recent article from HandEye Magazine written by Rebeca Schiller. It references one of my favorite and more intimate settings for exhibiting textiles and validates what we textile junkies who travel the globe or those who are armchair travelers and collectors already know. During these tumultuous times, too many of these places have become difficult to travel to. Each time I travel I hear from locals how rare old pieces are to find.

Check out these new textile finds from my last trip that might call out to you! You know who you are.
Border from Laos tube skirt
(frame it or use is at a do it yourself project for pillows!)
Hmong Pillow, Northern Thailand
Wonderful Coverlets pieced together with Hmong weaving + batik+applique work
Vintage textiles from Vietnam + Hemp pillows
These fabulous extra large bags are all one of a kind with indigo batik + vintage Hmong embroidery
(pictures by the loaded trunk)


  1. The Japanese recycle textiles all the time - just think of those boro futon covers from the quilt post. I wonder if any are included in this exhibition!

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