Tuesday, June 25, 2013

My Summer Migration

I am heading to Europe, specifically Spain, France, Ireland and England this July. I fly coach, so it is pretty no frills. It just means that traveling on a budget requires a bit more logistical planning. For buying trips, I often don't know where I am going to be staying, but this time things will be different. I'm on a real holiday (vacation) and I'll be with family and good friends for most of the trip. 

Regardless of who I visit or where and how I travel, there are some things I always make sure to pack for a comfortable journey.

{1} A pashmina. I never get on a plane without one. I have my favorites but this time I will take my linen striped one. We have a great selection of pashminas and scarves in the shop so take a look if you want something light and cozy for your own travels.

{2} Wax ear plugs. Whether it's a screaming child on a plane, or traffic and commotion on the streets you can hear from your hotel room, comfortable, noise-cancelling ear plugs are an easy solution to block out the madness. Slate.com reviewed some of the best ear plugs in the market and you can read about them here. The best ones, by Hearos, at only $1 a pair.

{3} Eye mask. I have my own and bring tea bags that I use just before landing to make me look like I am not the dehydrated exhausted wreck I usually am. Here's a roundup of some of the best sleeping masks by BestCovery.com....all for under $15.

{4} Wipes for my face and body. I don't wear a lot of make up so this makes freshening up so much easier. The Yes To™ line is really wonderful and the towelettes are especially nice.

{5} Altoids. I do brush my teeth in the itty-bitty bathrooms, but mints or gum are a must.  I have to have them. 

{6} Moisturizer, I love to treat myself Aveda. I've been a big fan of all their products for a long, long time. It all smells so nice, doesn't it?

{7} Magazines! Book come along too, but my New Yorker magazines pile up so quickly. I take a dozen or so and no matter how old, they always feel current and timeless. 

{8} The proper carry-on is essential and it must be totally organized so digging is at a  minimum. 

{9} A window seat. By plane, train or car, a window to rest your head upon is so much nicer for sleeping. Plus you can't beat the view from way up in the sky. I also bring my own mini feather pillow that I had made and that smooses to almost nothing.

{10} Water. Lately I've been using a Bobble water bottle. It can be brought through security at the airport empty and filled up inside. It has its own filter and you won't be adding more waste into the world with a single use bottle. So drink up and stay hydrated. It's no secret that water makes you feel better like nothing else!

Where are you traveling to this summer? Do tell!


  1. Hi Roni, I know it has been awhile since I have visited. I have had several surgeries and a lot of rehab!

    You are finding some wonderful works of art! This summer with your travels there will be many more treasures! Hope all is well with you!
    Come and see my site when you have a chance....

    2013 Designer Series

  2. Hi Karen,
    So nice to hear from you! It sounds like you have had a long winter and are on the mend. Just arrived in France where I will spend the month of July bumming around...much needed.

    I will definitely be in touch upon return!