Thursday, May 9, 2013

Accidental Flea Marketing

Yoruba Ceremonial Crowns

At the loaded trunk the most unexpected paths followed often lead me to finding some of my favorite collectible pieces. This pair of beaded Yoruba Crowns is but one example.

I was recently visiting my mother in Palm Springs and for years it was a ritual to head to the Sunday flea market. It used to be lined with merchants that made their seasonal pilgrimages around the USA with trucks filled with treasures from their countries. There was a time when you could go and find vendors from Mali, Nigeria, Morocco, Turkey and lots of cool and innovative artisans. That was then and now is now. It seems more and more of their vendors are selling mass produced products from sunglasses to golf shirts. Perhaps they have merely found their niche.

The last few times I have traveled to Palm Springs I have missed the flea market on purpose. This time my Mom and I really wanted to see an old friend and a jeweler who is still there. It was 100 degrees, we were hot and cranky and had 1/2 hour before closing. We found Nina..."kiss, kiss" and purchased some "real" pearl earrings from her and then we headed to the car. Looking left and right  while quickly moving closer to the parking area I rounded a corner and there sat these two beauties and their smiling owner Bakai. He is one of the vendors I spoke about earlier. He doesn't email, have a website or a store. He sells from his truck and follows the outdoor markets around the country. I miss these moments as it has become harder and harder to find these folks. Each time I do I make a friend for life. As they pass by my home on the way from coast to coast I become a stopping point.

As the weather warms and more traders hit the road...I look forward to a stop off and an opportunity to check out their wares! When I started The Loaded Trunk I had no idea it would be such an adventure. Each piece has its own story and its own journey to me. This pair of beaded Yoruba Crowns is but one example. 

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