Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Story Behind » Burmese Lacquer Bowls

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Our vintage Burmese lacquer bowls, still in excellent condition, were originally used for meals, holding soups and curries. I found these in the attic of dealer I work with in Northern Thailand. They were covered in dust and I imagine they had never been used due to the proprietor labels that were still affixed. Many of them have inscriptions that often are the signature of the maker.

The bowls are made of coiled bamboo and then lacquered in varying shades of red and/or toffee brown with accent colors for the designs. The flared rim bowls are typical of mid-twentieth century ware of Ava. Marked by paper stamps from the original proprietors, the labels, affixed to the inside, are easily removable if you choose to use them for dining. Click here to see all of the great bowls and other lacquer pieces including offering vessels and trays.

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