Thursday, February 7, 2013

One for You, One for Me

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In the next few days, we'll be talking about ways you can share the love.
And not just the love that Cupid's arrows shoot. First up, friends!
My friends and I share pretty similar tastes, from our clothes
down to the kitchen sinks we buy. Then again, that's why
you're friends, right? A lot of times when I'm in that
shopping mood, I buy two. One for me (of course)
and one for my bestie. Then, surprise!

1 // Sister-friends Kristie & Emilie  2+3 // Ikat Blankets

1 comment :

  1. Near and dear to my heart are my sister friends. I have a handful of them that silently drive me when I go on buying trips...I think about what they would like and it me helps round out my choices. You know who you are...