Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Looky Nook!

on Pinterest via SF Girl by Bay
Yesterday it was 78°F, the sun was shining, and I was covered in a light sweat during my mid-morning walk. Today, the temperature has dropped at least 30 degrees, the world is gloomy and wet and it's the absolute perfect weather for writing about warmth, our theme over here on The Loaded Trunk for the usually bitter-cold month of January.

One of my favorite architectural details in a home is a nook. Whether it's a breakfast nook, a reading nook, or just a small hideaway space, these compact, unusual spaces are a wonderful way to keep warm and transport yourself to another time and place, just by climbing in and tucking into it.

Here are some fantastic nooks I found on Pinterest. I was drawn to ones that had wood elements, rustic but not wood cabin, a comfy looking mattress to sit or lay on, good lighting whether from a window or overhead lamp, built-in shelves to place a mug of hot tea or glass of wine, and a curtain to draw some privacy for my perfect getaway.

via buchardtsmagasin // Source: The Ung-Project
photo by Cindy of Zach Aboard
via We Heart It // Photo source unknown
Source unknown
Ranch designed by William Sofield // Photo by David O. Marlow // via Architecural Digest

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