Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Beauty of the Streets: Vietnam + Thailand

I did not blog as much as I wanted. Traveling for one of my buying trips takes a toll on my time. I was lucky enough to have had the company of one of my children on my last couple of trips. Having someone to collaborate with helps document in a more timely manner!

I arrived back in the US last night and wanted to share some more of my experiences in Asia. Fewer words, more photos and videos of another memorable trip for The Loaded Trunk.
Hotel in Phuket, Thailand

Border check?
My lovely friend Flower, who owns an amazing Gallery called Tribal Arts in Hanoi. A must when shopping for Hill tribe art. Be prepared to dig.

Early morning fun at Chatuchak market.

Dinner with Mark Rapoport of 54 Traditions in Hanoi who co-owns this gallery in Hanoi, Vietnam. It focuses on the antiques, artifacts and art of Vietnam's 53 minority groups and the Kinh majority people. It is a fantastic place to begin your educational journey into this areas complex and quickly disappearing cultures that 54 traditions is helping preserve.

Hanoi corner.

A little Bangkok traffic.

View from the Chao Phraya river in Bangkok

Wat Arun

Old Hill tribe piece from Vietnam

Having necklaces made in Bangkok.

Having old glass bird necklaces made.

Wonderful hosts, plying me with almonds + tea.

Beautiful table surface.

Chao Phraya River

Wat Arun

Proof I was on this trip!

View from the top of Wat Arun.

Views from the top of Wat Arun ( favorite temple in Bangkok )

Thanks for coming along!

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