Friday, May 28, 2010

the sweet spot

Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate...
We have no Trader Joe's in Kansas City. Can you hear us Trader Joe's? I opened my pantry this morning and saw that I was down to one large dark chocolate bar. Then, I turned on the radio and our local NPR station was doing a piece on the history of candy in Kansas City.

Who knew Kansas City had such a history of these wonderful indulgences! ValomilkChristopher Elbow fantastic artisanal chocolates and ice cream, Russell Stover'sBitterman's, and Andre's where they have the most delicious marzipan.

Have a safe and thoughtful holiday weekend.

Ikats and baskets (pictured above) are available at the loaded trunk.


  1. I love that basket! Where is it from again?

  2. Did you know that Trader Joe's has been owned by Aldi's since 1978?

  3. the basket was woven by a lovely woman in Bali. there is a picture of her when you go to link provided above for baskets.

  4. I believe that I heard on TV that some guy here is importing (?) Trader Joe products from the store in St. Louis! He might be on the internet. I used to buy in L.A., great products!